Wall Mural

I felt like painting my room for a fresh state of mind (I get bored easily). I went or a light grey colour, think it was called dove grey and then chose to paint a wall mural of a forest scene cause why not?

It took probably about 3 days solidly working at it and I took inspiration from am image from Pinterest (of course).  I’d love to do more things like this, so if there’s anyone out there look for a similar kind of wall mural hit me up 🙂

(Please excuse the mess of my room)

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I am going to Philadelphia for a semester abroad! So really excited for what i will be doing, expect some posts coming of my new work!


I Made my own #GIRLBOSS Tailored Jacket

It’s been a busy time, but it’s finally the time of the year where my coursework is nearing the end.

One of my classes this year was Tailored Jacket and this is my very first attempt at making a tailored jacket, so I’m pretty happy with the final thing. We were given 3 designs to choose from and I chose this one because I thought it looked the least boring, I tried to spice things up with the fabric which I lovee.

Here in the borders there are so many great places for photoshoots! We travelled to ‘Smailholm Tower’ 20 mins drive from Galashiels. Props to S-Dog for the photos.


Trying to match the pieces took A WHILE


Thanks for checking out the blog, stay tuned for more 🙂

Canada- Small Bird Big City 2016


Summer 2016 was a great one,

Spent 3 weeks in Toronto, Canada visiting family there.

I saw some of the most beautiful sunsets when we spent a week at Sauble Beach.

I hadn’t visited since I was 9 (ish) , so I didn’t remember that much of Toronto but the city has really livened up and is a very modern city.

We visited Flowerpot Island, Toronto islands, The Aquarium and just general sight seeing. I got alot of nice photos from this trip, so I thought I should share!

View from Toronto Island
Small Bird Big City


Flowerpot Island Ship Wrecks




City at Night
Sunset at Airport
Sunset collage At Sauble Beach

Glasgow Caledonian University 2015

2015 When in my final year at school, I was given the chance to attend 6 month course, once a week, alongside my other subjects at Glasgow Caledonian [http://www.gcu.ac.uk/]. The course was ‘Fashion Brand Retailing’, catered for 6th year students who are thinking of a possible career in fashion and this was to act as a stepping stone before actually going to University.

In my case, I was scared at the thought of leaving school and making that lifetime choice. I was in between the possibilities of studying media or fashion. I thought I may aswell do this course to find out if a degree in fashion was for me. The course included a bit of everything; some designing, business, marketing and creative projects.

One project, we were put into groups and had to make a paper dress:g

which was pretty fun, getting creative and experimenting with applying paper to the form in different ways.

The course really made you learn how to work in groups and gave some experience in giving presentations, writing reports. Which really did prepare me for my current education now at Heriot-Watt University (BA Fashion Design)[https://www.hw.ac.uk/study/uk/undergraduate/fashion.htm].

For the final hand in we researched into a brand sold at Urban Outfitters and taking a garment we developed it and drew designs from that. The bohemian and feminine brand ‘Free People’ was my chosen brand and I just LOVE their clothes.[https://www.freepeople.com/uk/]

I really enjoyed this course and it definitely gave me that extra edge when applying to universities, especially when applying to other uni’s for Fashion Design. I also really enjoyed this course, mainly because of the passion which was taught by Nicola O’Hara.

With my certificate!

Foxy Facts


When looking through my old photographs, I found a bunch of photos I took of this fox that I found just chilling in my back garden…

So I’ve decided to post these with Fox Facts:

  1. Foxes are part of the dog family- which makes sense since this fox would repeatedly visit the garden and play with my dogs squeaky toys.
  2. Sad- Because of their beautiful fur, they are bred and kept in captivity, similar to chickens until they are slaughtered in fur factory farms(the side of Fashion I hate)
  3. Although they are part of the dog family, they can retract claws similar to cats.
  4. Similar to sharks, turtles and birds, they have a cool ‘magnetic sense’ making them superior hunters
  5. Foxes are very playful.
  6. We should leave them and their fur alone. (Learn more: http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-clothing/animals-used-clothing-factsheets/inside-fur-industry-factory-farms/)


Advanced Higher Art Design 2015

dsc_0489With my further Inspiration of nature, in my final year at school i focused on the theme ‘Flight in Nature’

I looked at butterflies, bird’s feathers, falling leaves

I found I like the development part this project more than the final outcome…

Higher Art Design Outcome 2013

I have always been interested in combining my love for nature and fashion together.

I continuously take inspiration from Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen and Ellie Saab type garments which illuminate with nature themes and express femininity.

For my garment design in Higher Art I chose to take inspiration from decaying flowers and plants, and focused in on the unusual form that dying plants turn into, taking this I tried showing this process in a dress.

I really enjoyed this project and I think it was my start point in Fashion Design.