Wall Mural

I felt like painting my room for a fresh state of mind (I get bored easily). I went or a light grey colour, think it was called dove grey and then chose to paint a wall mural of a forest scene cause why not?

It took probably about 3 days solidly working at it and I took inspiration from am image from Pinterest (of course).  I’d love to do more things like this, so if there’s anyone out there look for a similar kind of wall mural hit me up 🙂

(Please excuse the mess of my room)

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I am going to Philadelphia for a semester abroad! So really excited for what i will be doing, expect some posts coming of my new work!


Canada- Small Bird Big City 2016


Summer 2016 was a great one,

Spent 3 weeks in Toronto, Canada visiting family there.

I saw some of the most beautiful sunsets when we spent a week at Sauble Beach.

I hadn’t visited since I was 9 (ish) , so I didn’t remember that much of Toronto but the city has really livened up and is a very modern city.

We visited Flowerpot Island, Toronto islands, The Aquarium and just general sight seeing. I got alot of nice photos from this trip, so I thought I should share!

View from Toronto Island
Small Bird Big City


Flowerpot Island Ship Wrecks




City at Night
Sunset at Airport
Sunset collage At Sauble Beach