Red Dress for American Heart Association

I spent a semester abroad in Philadelphia, studying Fashion Design at Jefferson University (Philau). I had the most amazing time and if anyone out there is considering doing a semester abroad, definitely go for it cause it will be worth it. I got this opportunity that would have not be given if I had stayed in Scotland (no offence Scotland).

I love making gowns and occasion wear, so really loved this project. I met some difficulties with the fabric i chose (found out stretchy velvet is very difficult to work with, it literally has a life of its own!). I spent many hours on hand sewing the hems of the  top layered circle skirts and cutting and sewing on appliques I took from beaded fabric.

I began my concept looking at what heart disease and that then took me the process of deterioration I looked into illness, age, rust, global warming and sunsets. This then fed the design stage and initial design as seen below of a multiple layered A-line, princess gown, with appliques from the bottom up.



I began the design development by draping straight on to the mannequin and producing my patterns through this process. For the layered circle skirts ( you can see below) using the pi method, I made sure each of the circle skits were the correct size for gathering when cutting the fabric out. It was a long process but I finally got it!


^My final toiles, ready to make the final!



^Production of the final


^Final Photographs by moi

This project really did push me, but i enjoyed it so much and I am so happy with how it turned out

It will appear in the American Heart Association Competition Showcase on the 18th April

I myself unfortunately won’t be able to make it, but wish my dress luck!