Foxy Facts


When looking through my old photographs, I found a bunch of photos I took of this fox that I found just chilling in my back garden…

So I’ve decided to post these with Fox Facts:

  1. Foxes are part of the dog family- which makes sense since this fox would repeatedly visit the garden and play with my dogs squeaky toys.
  2. Sad- Because of their beautiful fur, they are bred and kept in captivity, similar to chickens until they are slaughtered in fur factory farms(the side of Fashion I hate)
  3. Although they are part of the dog family, they can retract claws similar to cats.
  4. Similar to sharks, turtles and birds, they have a cool ‘magnetic sense’ making them superior hunters
  5. Foxes are very playful.
  6. We should leave them and their fur alone. (Learn more:



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